May 2015 Book Review

May 2015

This will be our first, monthly review of Bible study materials, which we hope will prove helpful in your personal study and understanding of the Word of God. Our intention is to present monthly reviews of books, audio, and video materials that may prove useful in your study of the Bible.

Our first recommendation is a book entitled The Mystery (The Key to the Bible) by Joel Finck.
This book has been (and still is being) used worldwide to disseminate the wonderful Gospel of the Grace of God. It presents the mid-Acts dispensational position in basic, easy to understand language.
I would highly recommend this book for those who are new to the Grace Message, or any who may have questions regarding how God is working out His plan and purpose for the Body of Christ, in the present dispensation of Grace. It is well suited for personal, as well as group study objectives. It was originally written as a Bible study guide for teens, but was then offered for adults, as more folks learned of its content and value in understanding the Word of God.
Mr. Finck begins by letting the reader know that the Word of God means what it says and says what it means, and that God intends for every believer to understand His Word. He then lays out three basic principles of Bible study that will aid one in understanding the Scriptures. Namely, they are “Right Division”, “Dispensations”, and “Progressive Revelation”.
Throughout the book, the author establishes essential points of information, with supporting scripture references that serve to mark out the distinctive differences between God’s plan and program for the nation Israel and His plan and program for the Body of Christ. He presents, in plain language, issues pertaining to the “Kingdom Gospel” associated with Israel and the “Gospel of Grace” associated with the Body of Christ”. Other important topics include the Apostle Paul’s unique ministry to the Gentiles, our heavenly hope, and the commission for the Body of Christ.
Again, this is an excellent Bible study guide. Each chapter ends with study questions for your group or class to benefit from and discuss.
You may obtain this book from Parsons Publishing Company 30448 427th Ave Tabor, South Dakota 57063, or through their website at . As of this writing, it was on sale for $5.00

If you are unable to obtain this book, for some reason, and wish to have it, you may contact us and we will see that you get a copy.
God’s richest blessings to, as you allow His Word to refresh your spirit.
Because of His Grace!
Larry Gabbard

2 Timothy 2:15

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